Cat Shaped Teapot

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    Cat Shaped Teapot!

    【商品設計Design By】

    ■日本 Japan

    【商品規格Product Detail】

      Product Size/W180*D235*H250mm

    【商品材質Product material】



        Do not use metal wire balls to clean. The correct way to use can increase the service life of the        product.

        If you accidentally scratch the appearance, you can use soda powder or vinegar to add warm          water to soak, or use toothpaste to polish.

    【注意事項Precautions for use】

    • 請勿直火加熱,不建議驟冷驟熱
      Do not use direct fire heating, it is not recommended to quench and heat up
    • 所有陶瓷製品與金屬等尖銳物刮擦,都會產生刮痕,而啞光釉相比亮光釉,刮痕
      All ceramic products scratched with sharp objects such as metal, which will cause scratches. The matte glaze is more visible than the bright glaze, but it will not affect the use.
    • 陶瓷製品,存在局部細小凹孔屬於正常現象。
      For ceramic products, it is a normal phenomenon that local small concave holes exist.

        The product may have a color difference due to shooting. The picture is for reference only, and         the product is subject to the actual delivery style.
        If the goods are unpacked, used, or disassembled, resulting in lack of integrity and loss of resale      value, they cannot be returned or exchanged!

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