FIKA 機能性折疊桌

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    Fika 機能性折疊桌充滿自然的感覺。獨特的設計形做樹木的效果。

    The folding table full of natural feelings. Material full of the sense of quality such as the tree is characteristic in the unique design and circle of the bent. Adjustment of the width is possible to the number of people and a use, and storing is possible compactly when I do not use it. Natural & modishness, such words are good recommended tables.

    【商品設計Design By】

    ■日本 Japan

    【商品制造Made in】


    【商品規格Product Detail】

    ■商品尺寸/(寬)120cm ×(深)80cm×(高)72cm
      Product Size/W1200*D800*H720 mm
      Folded on one side/W700mm
       Collapse all/W200mm

      Net Weight:23kg

    【商品材質Product material】

    〔Material〕Reinforcement print paper smoothly planed board

    ■ 組立式(組立時間約30分) 
    Assembly type (assembly time is about 30 minutes)



    【注意事項Precautions for use】

    • 避免重壓、跳躍,避免坐在餐桌上
      Avoid heavy pressure, jump, avoid sitting on the table.
    • 禁止刺或割以及畫筆、染料著色
      Do not puncture or cut and brush, dye coloring
    • 前排實木櫃腳禁止單邊拖曳,務必離地雙人搬運,避免受力不均造成斷裂損害
      Front row of solid wood cabinet feet are prohibited from towing on one side, be sure to move from the ground to avoid stress Uneven damage caused by fractures
    • 請務必在平坦地方上使用
      Please be sure to use it in a level place.

        The product may have a color difference due to shooting. The picture is for reference only, and         the product is subject to the actual delivery style.
        If the goods are unpacked, used, or disassembled, resulting in lack of integrity and loss of resale      value, they cannot be returned or exchanged!

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