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SteriliBOT Mobile Sterilization Device


Comprehensive sterilization without dead angle

Ordinary cabinet becomes disinfection cabinet

Adopts attractive sterilization technology, which takes only 30 minutes for effective sterilization

Experiments have proven effective in killing MRSA Methicillin-Resistant Strain, Salmonella typhimurium, Escherichia coli. Kills rate up to 99.5%.

Simple operation, just plug in the mobile power,

 the device runs completely automatically

Hong Kong brand guarantees and reliable quality

Mainly air cleaners, they have not been able to eliminate the viruses and bacteria from the body surface and clothes. It can only be disinfected by spraying with water spray, but this is not comprehensive.

SteriliBOT uses suction-type sterilization technology, sterilization in all directions without dead ends, turning ordinary cabinets into disinfection cabinets.

It is generally disinfected with spray water, which seems to be safe. But it cannot be fully protected due to insufficient coverage. 

In the other, UV  light can be used for sterilization, which is more likely to affect the effect due to overlapping objects. And UV light requires long-term irradiation to produce effectiveness. 


※ The body is only suitable for use in a closed cabinet space or indoor unmanned conditions.

※ Plug in the mobile power to enter the fully automatic intelligent operation, and run for 30 mins to achieve the standard sterilization effect

※ After the device is started, avoid opening the cabinet door directly within 30mins, so as not to affect the disinfection effect.

※ After completing the disinfection procedure, the cabinet door must be opened to allow the air to circulate completely. Wait for 15 sec before removing the items.

※ Please do not touch the body in close range before and after starting, so as to avoid discomfort caused by inhaling excessive gas

※ If you accidentally inhale excessive ozone and cause discomfort, please unplug the power immediately and ask your doctor for help as soon as possible

※ The body releases 20mg of ozone per hour. The recommended use range is within 10 cubic meters (about a 7-person car)

Name: SteriliBOT mobile sterilization device
Product model: KD-SB-01

Sterilization Method: Negative ionization Ozone sterilization technology

Application Range: <10 cubic meters

Ozone concentration: <20mg / h

Product size: 140mm x 48mm x49mm

Net weight: 150g

Material: ABS

Warranty period: one year from the date of purchase

Included products: Body, Hanging rope, USB cable

Rated voltage: DC5V

Maximum power: 2W

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